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14th Aug. 2019 / in Tokyo

As the “Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered” concert in Komae draws near, I feel the presence of many souls. Knowing that the earnest wish of the souls will come true, my heart turns beautiful and calm. At the gathering to listen to the recording of the “Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered” held in Sendai, I could not stop myself from wailing at the poem narrating the exile of my ancestors to Japan after Koguryo collapsed. Many of their compatriots, who left their homeland and boarded the same ship, lost their lives to the rough waves and sank into the sea. Mourning for their deaths, those who survived arrived in Japan and kept creating places to live. Today for the first time, I saw pure, beautiful smiles of brave Koguryo people. I became filled with unspeakable joy and felt that their souls were rewarded. I understood that the souls of those who lived the truth and committed to the truth at all times are beautiful. Without any feeling of grudge, they lived the period of Koguryo with beautiful souls no matter what. I was delighted to meet them today. And realizing that I aim to live the same way, I saw how I should move going forward. Also, I understood that expanding the new realm is the way to change the world. Together with many souls, I head towards the “Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered” in Komae. I pray that everyone comes to the concert safely.


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15th Aug. 2019 / in Tokyo

Hello everyone.
On August 15th, set as the anniversary of the end of World War II, I offered my silent prayer at noon. Today I sensed, for the first time, the soul of my uncle who died in the land of Koguryo during the war. I felt that the souls of many Japanese people who lost their lives in foreign countries lay still in their land. As I am alive today, I came here determined to create a good country and a good world. Listening to the sounds of a Sho flute and a Koma-bue flute with special stories, I trembled in my soul and felt that our earnest wish would come true.
Today Erika has an announcement. She’ll be taking a test for the junior class in figure skating. Let’s give her an applause. I’m happy for you, Erika. Thanks for coming today.
I look forward to seeing everyone again tomorrow. While the typhoon was approaching, I felt grateful that people arrived here safely. I wish the same tomorrow.
Thank you very much.

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Special movie

Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered Concert – October 23rd, 2017 Kyoto

An infinitely transparent and beautiful world,
A single shining blue star,
An eternal soul.
The 19th king of Koguryo, Gwanggaeto the Great,
Was born under a light of Heaven,
In a world of war.
He continued to fight, and continued fighting.
He became a young king,
Leading the vanguard ahead.
He was challenged to risk his life in the middle of enemies.
The enemies, admiring the beauty of the young king,
Left without fighting.
He met desirable people to live together with,
Who became people of Koguryo, so we hear.
A wind was blowing in the land of the Gwanggaeto the Great, an infinity, an eternity, a clear mind.
He lived and kept his purest soul.
He entered into the enemy with an intention not to sacrifice anyone else's life.
He continued to fight.
There was a limit in this world, and
There was a limit in Heaven, he realized.
Soon or later far beyond Heaven,
An infinite world would be opened. Believing so,
He lived and fought together with Heaven. 
Why could a human not live without a fight?
Why could a human kill a precious life?
He questioned the infinite world.
Soon or later, far beyond Heaven,
A time in which a light of the origin would appear,
A time in which many souls would accomplish their wish,
While knowing that there was a limit in Heaven,
A sorrow through his life with Heaven,
was engraved on the ground.
A time in which the land of sorrow would turn into light.
He continued to wish even after death, continued working,
He continued to make a time which would open far beyond Heaven
An appearance of a light of the origin,
An infinite world, opened far beyond Heaven.
All souls would wake up, revive, and gather.
The Beginning of a new era of new human beings.

Special message

Love transcending space-time

Brilliantly and beautifully shining internality manifests the authentic state of our life full of love.
In my teens, I suffered from many diseases almost in every part of my body and experienced life and death crises several times. In such a critical moment I shed tears with slight hope. And after a dozen of years of investigations, I realized the source of hope I had embraced as an eternal bearing for opening up a future. By properly acknowledging the internal conditions of my body, I discovered that communion with another person’s life happened within my body and not only mine but another person’s physical or mental pains and a state of illness can be nursed gradually or rapidly owing to the nature of human life that could meet others in a much broader and unknown dimensional space. I did not need to operate consciously nor wish to make this process happen: towards unity with nature, everything happened just naturally and repeatedly. Now my piano improvisations express this marvelous encounter with people at a very deep level of human life so that each of you may realize an authentic state of love and realize that your life is indeed shining on to eternity in this vast universal space.