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updated 2012-05-01
1st June 2012
Cher amis.

Il y a des catastrophes ,qui invahissent depuis longtemps le monde ,c,est sont les tragedies des des desastres de la nature ,les seismes ,les deluges (tsonamies) ,d,autre part il y a les guerres ,les revolutions et manifestations des peuples au moyen orient contre la tyrannie et la dictature ,nottament chez nous au pays arabe ou les gens demandent la liberte ,l,egalite ,et la justice pour depasser la pauvrete et pour commencer a construire une vie humaine pleine de paix entre les peuples .
Il y a beaucoup de massacres cotre les enfants ,et il y a des milliers des morts .
Le sang innocent est deja partout !
Il revenire aux racines pour prendre de l,histoire tout ce qui est positive apres la grande reconciliation avec le passe .
Chers amis
C,est miraculeux ,quand nous observons ,comment la verdure et les couleurs toujours arrivent chez nous ,et les arbres de cerise fleurissent sans cesse chaque printemps malgre toutes les catastrophes et les jours et nuits de peine et d,amertume .
Il y a toujours a notre planete un combat long entre le bon et le mal ,et toujours il y a de la lumiere eternelle ,qui nous donne l,espoir et l,optimisme .
Nous pouvons comprendre et vivons cette situation lumineuse ,quand nous citonsen plein coeur les poemes de KEIKO KOM A , et entendons limpidement la musique d,Idaki Shin .
Cette combinaison entre les deux :La poesie et la musique nous explique le commencement de la route de sauvetage spirituelle .
Donc ,entendons et contemplons la transparance des mots de KEIKO KOMA,et lamusique magique d,Idaki Shin pour proteger nos ames et consolider notre croyance ,pour bien changer le monde ,et pour creer un printemps plus joli et plus long .

Dr.Ghazi Kahwaji

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83K83W8BB38EF68ECA905E.jpg Dr.Ghazi Kahwaji

16 Feb. 2011
I hope you are in good health and doing well. I watched and heard with some friends the concert you broadcasted through Internet, it was a wonderful musical concert that astonished every one of my friends. And every one of them felt that he is flying in the space of creativity, and that all closed doors opened for him, and felt a great hope within himself.

The place was beautiful, the music was wonderful, the lighting was spledid... You are a great and creative artist my dear best friend Mr. Saito. You are a great guide for peace and love and safety.

Greetings and Best wishes to you and wish you a continuous success. And all our lebanese people thank you for this magnificent concert, and wish all of you health and success always.

Greetings to Mrs. Koma and Mr. Yoshimeki and all the friends at NPO KOMA.

Nehme Badawi
ネメさん.jpg Mr.Nehme Badawi
8 May 2012
IDAKI SHIN AND NPO KOMA are Japanese Organizations that accomplished noble jobs to unite the Japan and Ethiopia peoples. The spiritual, material, social and economical unification of these two ancient nations should symbolize the importance of peace and justice to the two big Asian and African continents and to their most respected creature, human being. Since the Japanese organizations jointly organized the famous “Communist Manifesto Concert” in Addis Ababa in 2001, several positive achievements have been shared and the relationships of the two peoples have been strengthened. The relief assistance that were channeled through Ethiopian Embassy in Japan and Relief and Preparedness in Ethiopia to famine victims in Ogaden; provision of hospital and laboratory equipment to Gode Hospital and Jijiga Water Office; installation of a model water purification system in the hot and dry place of Gode by a group of Japanese Experts; theoretical and practical trainings issued to the Employees of the Somali Water, Mine and Energy Resources Bureau of the Somali Regional States in Japan, and regular follow up are some concrete works to be promoted and taken as examples by many. The promotion of Ethiopian people and historic sites (the Semien Mountain National Park, Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela, Castles of Gondar,Awash Lower Valley of Oromia, Axum Opliskes, Blue Nile Falls, Omo Valley, Harar Wall and Culture)to Japanese and to the entire world have played vital roles in popularizing the a few of enormous and fascinating tourist attractions that the country acquires. The Japanese group tourists that attended the Greatest Concert in Ethiopia and visited these historical sites and witnessed the peaceful, innocent and hospitality people had passed unforgettable memories to to their relatives, friends and colleagues in work places. From economic front, IDAKI SHIN AND NPO KOMA has never stopped promoting Ethiopian original coffee beans and handicrafts in Japan and other parts of the world. As part of their continued supports and cooperation, these organizations are finding dependable markets to Ethiopian natural honey and forest tea. The proceeds from the sales is expected to go to Gode Children and disabled. The program of sending visiting medical doctors to eye ailment in Somalia Regions and establishing small coffee roasting units are awaiting the approval of the Executive Director of the Organizations. All these development efforts are hoped to forge a sustainable relationships of the two peoples while looking forward that the beneficiaries take a leading role and commitment in initiating projects, making necessary follow up, ensuring successful implementation and effectively communicate of the progress.

Mohammed Abdi Salih
NPO KOMA Ethiopia
mr.mohamed.JPG Mr.Mohammed Abdi Salih
Dear Madam Koma :
With Ultimate Respect ,
Today is a new day Here in America . Today is a new day everywhere in the WORLD as a result of that . Today is a new day for understanding of your poems and messages .

I have been reading your writings over and over and I have been listening to the music of Master Idaki Shin over and over .・br />> It all reads , feels and manifests one thing and one thing only that comes out of your poems and messages again and again : ・br />> " This is the beginning of a new world allowing everybody to start living a truly human life. "
(From your letter of Oct-30-2008)

Dear Madam Koma , you have been saying that for sometime now , and finally it has been manifested here in America TODAY .

Your poems and messages belong to three stages of life : PAST , PRESENT and FUTURE .・br />> You have brought the message of PEACE from the past (Legends of Koguryo's Kings and Origins)and have bridged them to both present and future of mankind by the music of Idaki Shin and your profound poetry .・br />>
In the vast Universe the result of your message of PEACE and the HEALING music of Mr. Idaki Shin , has created a new day everywhere , especially here in America TODAY .・br />>
Your kind heart and its words , the beautiful sound of Mr. Idaki Shin's music and your message of PEACE , LOVE and HARMONY have been heard from the heavens above , on earth here in America TODAY .

TODAY is the beginning of the Human Celebration that you have been giving to all of us through the Concerts of Mr. Idaki Shin and the words of wisdom from yourself .

TODAY is the first day for the WORLD to feel like what you have been feeling and saying for years , and has been the message of Koguryo's fathers for centuries .

Dear Madam Koma , The connection with you and with the music of Mr. Idaki Shin , is like being connected to the world beyond and to the heavens above . And it is good that America feels like that TODAY .

Greetings and thanks From America :
Sincerely Yours ,
Michael ...
Los Angeles , USA

November - 5th - 2008 , A new chapter in America and in the World !
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