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The Birth of Andromeda Ethiopia Coffee

Our activity in Ethiopia started with a desire to do something for the immediate needs of people suffering from drought. While we have realized “Cosmic Manifesto” concert in Addis Ababa with great success and then started to develop a water supply project with Japanese specialist and implementing actual facilities, however, one day we were told to think about starting a business that would contribute to Ethiopian farmers as a means to drastically tackle the roots of problems, while the real cause of disaster is the terrible system made by man; namely the poverty that has made profit from the lives of human beings.
Ethiopia is the original source of coffee. We felt it our assignment to introduce its marvelous taste to Japan, so we started importing directly from Ethiopia the best beans especially selected for NPO KOMA. We also developed a special method to filter the energy of Idaki Shin’ s music during the roasting procedure of the beans with a customized sound system. This we believe to give an exquisite taste and makes very healthy coffee, in accordance with the original use of coffee as a medicinal beverage. This is the birth of our Andromeda Ethiopia coffee, made out of the stunning beauty of Ethiopian nature, its great history and pride as the original source of coffee and what we call the energy of light of Idaki Shin’ s sound.
Andromeda is the name of a queen of the ancient kingdom of Ethiopia. No day passes without thinking about the children I met in Gode on my first inspection of its drought. Their eyes were so pure and their full smiling faces remained in my mind, but nobody was there when I visited Gode a second time. Life may go away but they are still together. Thus diffusing our coffee is what we can do to tackle poverty and drought. Feeling that Andromeda symbolizes the wishes of numerous lives, past and present. Andromeda Ethiopia aspires to be the No1 coffee available in Japan, with its original taste of coffee.

NPO Koma’ s original coffee line ups

Andromeda Ethiopia Limu
Limu is the rich hill area in the heart of Kafa region, the place where coffee drinking was originated in human history and therefore becomes the roots of coffee. Every bean is hand picked from naturally grown forest of coffee trees, thus preserving the original rich and timeless taste.You can enjoy the original rich and timeless taste of 100% wild coffee.
Andromeda Ethiopia Yirgachafe
Yirgachafe is a semi forest coffee from Ethiopia that is considered as one of the most exquisite and special coffee with rich fragrance and herbal aroma.It is one of the coffee beans we are most proud of. You can enjoy its fruity taste, the very characteristic of Mocha coffee.
Tanzania Kilimanjaro Gomata Suji
Both powerful and elegant coffee from the land of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania that is said to have a natural healing
power from its dynamic nature. Very limited production and hard to find in market, however the success of our “Torch of Peace” Idaki Shin concert held in Dar es Salam made it possible to regularly supply for NPO KOMA. It is an extremely precious coffee that took five years to have them in stock.