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My performance, the Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered was presented to an international audience for the first time in Tyre Lebanon on the 26th August 2005. In this particular concert spectators were so moved as the concert got more and more animated towards the final part that almost everybody started to shed tears and gave a standing ovation; everywhere could be heard bravos and encores. Even I was lost for a while. What happened while I was narrating my poem on Tyre and Phoenicia. Owing to this wonderful experience I started to give globally my poetic performance in Japanese knowing that souls of man could transcend the differences of language.

In my poetic narration, I tell what actually happened in my life. Every day in my childhood, my father used to tell me stories of Koguryo and that I had to live a life true to the spirit of kings of Koguryo, my direct ancestors. But I had difficulty in understanding a link between his story and my actual life. I started to suffer out of this confusion and consistently damaged myself mentally and physically as well, and it was at the age of twenty four that I was sentenced to die within two months by a medical doctor.
It was in this extremely difficult period that I encountered the artist Idaki Shin who displayed before me, by way of his unique piano improvisation, all the history of Koguryo that had been inscribed in my life as dominant influences. The more I realized what historical influences I had inherited, the more I have recovered out of a mental abyss. I came to understand that history in the past was residing within one's life until it should be properly acknowledged. When it is properly expressed such as in the case of the sound of the piano played by Mr. Idaki Shin, then even the most ferocious grievance in the past was transforming itself to a vital energy that was melting into one's core of life. Now that the truth was rediscovered in the internality of my life, it was showing me the way to open up the future. My life was saved and I came to realize the new way of life true to my nature. 
In the year 1998, I visited historic sites of Koguryo in China for the first time in my life. It was in May when every tree was celebrating its fresh greening of leaves and newly born life. It took me as many as 18 hours’ ride by a night train before reaching Jian, the land of Koguryo known for its Wandu mountain city, Kokunai city, the great general's tomb, the stele of the king Kotai, and other numerous historic ruins.
Towards the end of this journey we moved to Gojo mountain, the original place of Koguryo, where I came to experience another turning point in my life.
As the ancient story went, in his childhood the first king of Koguryo, king Tomei ranked high above any other prince in everything. His unusual talent made him envied by them. Some propagated that he was not a human being. Some planed a plot to murder him. To save his life the queen and mother, Ryuka decided to let him leave the kingdom secretly and to live in an unknown remote land. They knew it was the lifetime farewell and they would never see each other again.
When I visited Mt. Gojo I was indeed struck by the grievance of king Tomei that was sure to have been perpetuated there over 2000 years. I could not resist crying over and over again until I came to understand that his grievance became the driving force to build the ideal kingdom of his own in Mt. Gojo: only when his grievance was transformed to love for others he stopped crying and dedicated his life completely to make everybody around him live a happy life. Then I found myself also determined to dedicate myself completely for opening up the future society and contributing to the people all over the world.
In June I visited Pyongyang and Mt. Pektou in the North Korea.
Pyongyang was the last capital of Koguryo and I was impressed by its excellent cultural heritage well preserved and open for visitors. I felt very much proud of being a direct descendent of the royal family. Mt. Pektou with a famous beautiful lake Tenchi on top of it was the legendary place of the hero Tangun. It seemed to tell me that beauty was the source of human spirituality. I realized at the core of my life that only love could give birth to eternal beauty. 
Soon after my returning to Japan I lost both of my parents almost at the same time. Hoping to regain my vigor, I visited Mt. Gojo again. I was welcomed by the vice president of Huanren, however, I was not allowed to climb up to the mountain. I could do nothing but to return back to Japan in despair. I swore to myself that I would come back again in the near future but actually it took me as many as nine years until I was given the next opportunity. Meanwhile I established a non-profit organization, NPO KOMA taking over the last will of my father. He told me to invest all the remaining fortune to manifest the spirit of Koguryo and to realize the ideal of Heaven on Earth. Desperately in need to regaining my identity out of the saddest event in my life, to look forward was the only solution for me to live on. So this was also during this period that I have created the basic program of the Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered project consisting of a photo book, a DVD video, and a multimedia concert. For this purpose I started visiting various parts of the world tracing back the roots of Koguryo. Mr. Idaki Shin told me to go to Lebanon, the original place of Phoenician civilization; according to his researches ancient Phoenicians could have given major influences to Koguryo. In reality when I was standing at the oldest historic site of Tyre, dating back some 9000 years ago, I saw vividly my father among numerous souls of ancient Phoenician people. And then he addressed to me that the soul of man should live forever as beauty were eternal. Owing to this marvelous experience, I could recover myself.
Being the representative of NPO KOMA, eventually I started an NGO project to support the drought area of Ethiopia. Later I came to know that Ethiopia was the original place of the human species. So I decided to dedicate the final part of the Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered by the scene of the excavation site of Lucie, the oldest complete human skeleton ever found on earth. And I finished it by writing that "Human life has the same origin: love." After its photo book version was published in both Japanese and in English, I started giving its concert version in Japan in collaboration with Idaki Shin.  A highly renowned Lebanese art producer and professor appreciated highly my programs and asked me to stage the same event in Tyre as in Japan. They were saying that my program was sure to contribute to build peace in Middle East where wars and conflicts had been perpetuated so long. The concert in Tyre was realized on the 26th August 2005 with huge success as I briefed above. The municipality of Tyre decided to make me an honorable citizen of Tyre. Echoing its success this concert was demanded to be given in other Middle East countries and it was already realized this year in Jerash, Jordan and in Damascus Syria. After the concert in Damascus the vice president of the state and the first lady repeatedly asked me to come back again in 2008 to do another concert in Syria. At the press meeting in Amman, I was asked by a TV producer about my experience in Tyre how I could verify that I had indeed encountered the soul of my father. I replied that if I had not met him there at that time, I was not as energetic and full of vigor as you saw now with your own eyes. Then I was immediately asked by him to participate in his TV program to share my experience with numerous people in Arab countries.
At the 100th concert of the Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered held at the Opera theater in Damascus Syria, on the 28th May 2007, I narrated the message of the first king of Koguryo, king Tomei, I felt as if I was hit by a thunder and his soul has indeed revived within myself; unified with it my life was marvelously changed to a new one.
Then we continued our concert tour abroad to Turnovo Bulgaria, Giurgiu Romania Ohrid & Bitola Macedonia and Jerash Jordan, to make six more concerts by the end of the summer. Thereafter provided with wonderful encounters we staged more in Beijing China, Moscow Russia, Teheran Iran, Yerevan Armenia, Tbilisi Georgia, and Baku Azerbaijan.   
 While we have many chance to organize the Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered concert in Japan as this program is highly demanded by many Japanese audiences. By participating in this concert, they used to shed tears marvelling at the overwhelming spirituality of Koguryo. They said that this concert was providing a very special opportunity to encounter their true nature. They felt as if they were newly-born after having awakened to the truth of history. Being myself a performer, however, I am also experiencing turning points in my life every time I stage this concert. Though the life of one person is unique, I feel very much obliged to see that one can bear oneself again many times from within one's internality and develop one's life to higher stages.
My deepest desire from my childhood has been to pave a way for regaining the unity and peace among people of East Asia. For the land of Koguryo is now divided to China, South and North Korea. I was born in Japan as a Japanese and I could not even travel freely to the former land of Koguryo. The feeling of separation from my home has been so painful that I felt as if it were tearing my body apart.
Ever since my life was saved by encountering Mr. Idaki Shin, knowing that his music was designed to realize the world of love, the source of every human life, I have been organizing globally his concert and I counted already as many as 774 times. I am wishing to share with as many people as possible the precious experience as it happened to my life. The Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered concert, for its part, is the unique joint program with him. Its first performance was dated on the 11th January 2001 in Japan and it has recorded already 161 concerts as of November 2012. I narrate poems on Koguryo and journeys I made to various parts of the world in search for the origin of Koguryo, in order to rediscover the hidden but true histories of humanity and to reply to essential questions such as what is the true human nature, what will come after one's death and what is eternity, etc. Mr. Idaki Shin plays the various instruments depending on each performance such as synthesizers, Japanese traditional drums, guitars and flute, etc. All his music is improvisation responding to my poetic narration and special video screening projected above the stage showing the background of my poems: these video footages of various parts of the world are also filmed by him.
 Our idea of love and peace is the realization of a society where everyone is allowed to live a happy life true to one's nature and exercising one's ability to the full. So our program is wishing to manifest the truth. For the acknowledgement of the truth is the only bearing for a future and is the most precious encouragement for people to live on true to oneself: this is sure to lead to realize in our days the great transformation in human history towards the global peace.
Chronology of Koguryo

39 B.C.:

Koguryo was established in the Puyo district in the hills of Amnokkang, then expanded its territory over the Sungari river and into that of the Han dynasty of China.

A.D. 197:

Wandu castle was established.


King Kwanggaeto was crowned at the age of 18. He greatly expanded his territory, coming to rule 24 castles and 1400 villages.


King Changsu Wang moved the kingdom to Pyongyang, stabilized the nation, and successfully expanded its territory to the utmost.


King Yang Ti of Sui invaded Koguryo with 2 million soldiers but was defeated by an army of 20 thousand soldiers led by general Ulchi Mundok.


The empire was overthrown by the allied force of Tang and Shilla, that invaded Koguryo taking advantage of discord in its royal family.

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