23rd May. 2020 / in Tokyo

Hello everyone.

Another entrepreneur salon course was held today. Yesterday and today, when Master Idaki Shin tells us about what I've been thinking about every day, I feel great joy and hope that I am heading in the right direction. I will finally be able to get out of the pain in my body. What I understood was to live entrusting Great Being. As I have a strong sense of duty, I have used my body. My internality became to know well it's not like that, but becoming happy and happiness will create business in this era. I am motivated to stop using myself out of the feeling that I have to do, but to move following my true wish from now so that I can realize world peace and to create a world where children can live.
Today there was a cake of happiness—a banana cake made by Emi. I unconsciously told everyone, “We have a cake of happiness today.” I feel it is a wonderful era where happiness can create business and money, and the future will be much enriched.
Thank you very much.