22nd May. 2020 / in Tokyo

Hello everyone.
Today we held the Idaki applied counseling course in Tokyo, and it was like a summary of what I had experienced recently. Ever since the inflammation of my hands and feet, I had been contemplating the way I live, which I talked about the details in my video lecture. I concurred with Master Idaki Shin’s lecture today that what he says is the way to live. We are relaxed when we’re with him―I sleep well when I’m in a car with him, and people tend to sleep at his lectures and concerts. When we’re not nervous, we can rest well and our bodies grow warm. I felt like I was even in a bath or a sauna today. He mentioned that what we sell from now on is happiness. That is the only work I can do now, and I well understood the way to live from here on. So I wish to fix the pains of my body as soon as possible to tell people about my experience as it would help them. Owing to the precious experience today, I feel that I can truly contribute to people now. You should watch the live streaming of the lectures whenever there is any. And I’m certain that you should watch the on-demand viewing repeatedly. There’s no live streaming tomorrow, so the next opportunity will be the day after.
Thank you very much.