21st May. 2020 / in Tokyo

Hello everyone.
It’s raining in Tokyo again today. At the Skyrocket Center, I’m holding an exhibition called “Light, Wind, Water of May.” I sincerely wish to keep living with the brilliance of nature’s lives in May that move me to the point of trembling my soul. I dyed marbling artworks, hoping that the brilliance would show up—and it did. I’m happy just looking at them and holding them. Wanting to share the happiness with everyone, I came to the Skyrocket today.
Every day I’m now going through a great transformation and have profound learning as a human. My understanding of what I had been hearing from Master Idaki Shin for years but had been limited to merely knowing and little understanding is now growing deeper. I’m grateful for the profound learning of living as a human being. I appreciate it because my body has been in pain. I’m prepared to recover to work for the betterment of the world. We live only once, and together with everyone, I sincerely wish to contribute to people and to the world to create a good nation where future generations can live.
Thank you very much.