20th May. 2020 / in Tokyo

Hello everyone.
Yesterday Master Idaki Shin roasted a lot of coffee beans at Yui-Kobo. After having a cup that worked wonders for my body, I could return to Tokyo comfortably. Today I displayed my marbling artworks that showed the light, wind, and water of May. Though my arms and legs were aching at the time, my life desperately yearned to dye marbling patterns to copy the light, wind, and water of beautiful May. And today I wanted everyone to experience it and wished to enjoy a happy time together. Even in the rain, people came, and I had a wonderful time.
The pains in my body these days teach me that I can head for the realization of a peaceful world if I receive and show light I receive from the future. I miss the opportunity of receiving a lot of guidance when I start planning and thinking with my trivial head. The foolish way of living as in the past will end. I want to build true peace by becoming an authentic human who receives pure light from the future to head in a direction with no tracks. I’m deeply grateful that I can start anew every day.
Thank you very much.