19th May. 2020 / at Yui-Kobo

Hello everyone.
I came from Morioka to Yui-Kobo in the rain today. When we decided on land for Yui-Kobo, there was nothing around here. As this was the only place that shone, I knew this was the place for Yui-Kobo, and it would be built here. I remembered that time, then a feeling that I would create a nation where people across the world can live from scratch from now on, which I strongly wish, was born.
Today Master Idaki Shin roasted “All-in-one Paradigm Shift” coffee—very potent coffee. My body had been aching for a long time, but when I drank it, something came off, and I felt much better. I was amazed by how it worked. This coffee was also sent from Africa. While being in Japan, we can improve our physical condition and have good experiences. But in Africa, children die from unidentified diseases or inadequate medical systems, although they don’t need to die. As I know this fact, I deeply feel that we should be able to support them adequately as soon as possible. It is a blessing to be able to work in Japan, so today I felt a strong desire to work for the betterment of the world.
By drinking coffee roasted by Master Idaki Shin, my life was embraced by light, and I was happy. I sincerely hope everyone has a chance to drink “All-in-one Paradigm Shift” coffee. “Mt. Gojo” coffee had a crisp and refreshing taste, like pure water. I think we can carry them out tomorrow or so. I would like everyone to enjoy them.
Thank you very much.