Video Message

8th Jun. 2019 / at Morioka

Hello everyone.

Having been led by the guidance of Great Being, I held my lecture event at the Tohoku center in Morioka today. I envisioned clearly that our activity in selling tickets for the concert would go awry if I did not come today. I knew I had no other way to choose but to come and felt relieved that I could come. It was not merely a relief but I deepened my understanding. Being guided by Great Being, we will hold the "Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered" concerts in the Tohoku region—Sendai, Hirosaki, and Morioka. Today it became very clear to me that the concerts were for the future of Japan. I am sincerely thankful that I also expressed it in my lecture. I have been living my life perceiving that a human naturally carries out all possible things, as a human who lives now, betting one’s life to create Japan that can be passed on to the coming generations aiming to make Japan sustainable. Recognizing that Tohoku is the core, I anticipate that Ushitora no Konjin God will be manifested in Hirosaki and the soul of Emishi in Iwate prefecture. I bet my life on the possibility that when the purest and beautiful souls revive, Japan will change. I am filled with gratitude for the influence of Great Being and intend to move forward with my whole heart and soul, together with everyone.

Thank you very much.