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Messages from Keiko Koma
18th May. 2020

I love viewing the scenery in May when the air is filled with life energy. Just by looking at it, I feel my life washed and new life energy generated inside. Today while I enjoyed a cup of iced coffee and watched and the river flow by trees, birds were chirping delightedly. They sang in beautiful voices, unified with space. Feeling happy just from that scene, I spent time filled with light.

Also, I spent time filled with warmth with people who gathered at the Tohoku center. When I give my lecture, I return to the origin of living. I become filled with energy just by speaking because I talk about the life I’ve lived following my deepest demands. Today Master Idaki Shin’s lecture once again seeped into my life. I’m deeply grateful for works and words that save lives. Thankful for being alive now, taking care of my life that lives owing to many people, souls, and guidance, I think about turning into someone who can realize world peace and sincerely wish to walk the path toward its realization. Thank you for the experience at the Tohoku center where I can regain the origin of living as a human being.