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Messages from Keiko Koma
17th May. 2020

I wake up in the morning, looking forward to opening the window to see beautiful nature in front of me. The view of scenery is striking. I become filled with joy, feeling completely new life energy from the trees. The pleasure of encountering something great spreads throughout my body. I look forward to the future, seeing that it will open up brightly from the beautiful brilliance of the green leaves on the trees that shake my soul. I live wishing to realize world peace. From now on I anticipate that we can make big progress. I know that true peace does not exist as an extension of the present. At some point, when the dimension changes at once into one that transcends everything, I foresee that something that human beings cannot even imagine will happen. I see that nothing will change drastically, no matter what we do in the current world. Taking the chance on sudden change someday, I will keep expressing the deepest demands born from my life to carry out divine messages.

Fortunately, I have opportunities to listen to and learn from the lectures of Master Idaki Shin, who kept searching for the answer to what a human being is and found its answer. I can listen to his piano improvisation in which he expresses the answer to what a human being is and love as he saw the limits of communicating what he discovered in words. Filled with love inside, I find freedom and possibilities of life that lives in an infinite world without boundaries and limitations. With this experience, I become filled with spirit and strength to overcome anything to realize a peaceful world that I sincerely wish for.

Blessed with the learning opportunity to live as a human being at our Tohoku center again today, I’m happy that I can build on my experience in my work and activities. I’m grateful that I can acquire the way to live with a beautiful heart in a beautiful land. Thank you very much.