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Messages from Keiko Koma
16th May. 2020

Eight-year-old Erika prepared a birthday cake to celebrate my birthday. Just looking at the cake that gave out a sparkle clearer and purer than stark white snow lit the light of hope in my heart, which spread fully in my chest and then my body. I was in sheer bliss. With no clouds or unnecessary things whatsoever, the supremely delicious cake let me feel a boundlessly clear heart and a beautiful life. I was deeply moved and delighted.

The moment I sensed the sight of pure white snow from the cake, scenery revived in my heart from the time I went to the site of the first castle built on flat land by King Dongmyeong, the founding king of Koguryo. Seeing the birth of Koguryo in the light of the snow shining in an infinitely clear space, I was overjoyed with my whole life. I was absolutely filled with happiness and joy. And it was the same today. Feeling delighted, I became filled with the strength to live to achieve my dream since childhood of a beautiful world where people understand why they were born in this world and realize their meanings. Thank you very much.