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Messages from Keiko Koma
11th Jun. 2019

At Master Idaki Shin's concert held in Mitaka, I felt blessed to think solely about the future and move towards it. Feeling a bright future where my dream would come true, I intend to head towards its time wholeheartedly. Experiencing "unlimited energy pouring in from the universe," a part of the concert message, I was equipped with spirit, courage, and energy to get anything done. I find that those who ignore or fail to feel the energy cannot continue to live. Maintaining a beautiful internality no matter what happens and receiving light boundlessly pouring in, I wish to push forward with our activities to open up the future of humankind. I used to suffer from thoughts and senses that moved me back to the past. At the concert today, for the first time I could head towards the future without returning to the past. These days I am aware that I tend to go back. Moments of feeling only the future were blissful when I felt truly alive. I am excited to move towards the future and take steps to head to an unknown world. When we head towards the future, we are freed from past restrictions. We can live freely. I will devote myself to maintain a clear internality to live beautifully and strongly. Forgetting that I was in the land of Mitaka, my hometown, I felt blessed to be in an unrestricted space, or cosmic space, I would say. The future is bright and pleasant. I wish to live happily and freely and work for the future. I felt signs that my wish would come true. Thank you very much.