24th May. 2020 / in Tokyo

Hello everyone.

Today we held the Idaki applied counseling course three times, mainly viewed on live-streaming. It was absolutely amazing. As the course has just finished now, I'm going to talk more about how amazing it was later, but I recognized its significance with my body. I understood it because my body has been in an intense pain. It was a great experience to grasp that in the presence of Master Idaki Shin, the demands of life are accepted, life interacts, becomes love, and anything can be resolved. I've had this experience for 40 years, and I'm sorry to say that I understood it just now again, but the degree of understanding was utterly different. I am filled with gratitude and joy for my amazing life to be reborn and live in this time. I would like to deepen my experience and talk about it in my video lecture or other occasions.

Thank you very much.