Video Message

10th Jun. 2019 / in Tokyo

Hello everyone.
It's raining in Tokyo today.
I am thankful that I realize many things by expressing myself. In recent video lectures, I keep talking about living a true life. If something I wanted to do didn't benefit the lives of other people or future generations, I couldn't do it, feeling empty inside. An authentic life is lived when I help save the lives of others—by telling them about the works of Master Idaki Shin. I had an epiphany in Russia that doing something for the benefit of future generations is a true life. It's not about sacrificing yourself for others. It's about living your life fully for the purpose of saving the whole humankind. I clearly saw that that is an authentic life. Every day I feel that it is time to join all our efforts to open up a new era. Though I'm puzzled by the transformation of my body and internality, I perceive that a new central axis has emerged. I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to experience the new state at the concert in Mitaka tomorrow.
Thank you very much.