Video Message

4th Jun. 2019 / in Russia

Hello everyone.
Today we were talking with our local partner-to-be for opening a cafe in Vladivostok. We explained that we didn't come here simply to create a cafe and that our purpose was to create world peace. It's how Master Idaki Shin has lived his life, and I have been working for that purpose as well. People we met were highly motivated. And I saw potential that business could develop in different areas. It was a fascinating encounter. I saw that when we keep doing things, new businesses could be born at once in a single leap and a new world would open up. The meeting was indeed delightful.
Today all details were finalized for the concert of Master Idaki Shin to be held in Vladivostok on October 10th. I was concerned about it as we hadn't signed a contract. We didn't have enough time the last time we came. We met the president again today and fixed all the details. She called over a photographer to take a photo of Master Idaki Shin for the poster, and there was also his interview. And she urged us to fix the title of the concert. There's a Russian word meaning "music of the universe" or "music from the universe." We learned that the word has a beautiful sound to the Russian people. I was delighted that it represented what the president felt from Master Idaki Shin's music. And the interview was interesting as well. It was a good experience for me as there is now a pattern to what I do in Japan. Each person is different with a different reaction. Having come to Russia, I was happy to know that there are many people who understand us. The concert is now fixed, and we're ready to let people know about it. It made me happy and relieved today. I wish to keep moving forward tomorrow as well.
Thank you very much.