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Messages from Keiko Koma
20th May. 2020

While it rained outside, I held the exhibition of my new artworks “Light, Wind, Water of Beautiful May” at Keiko Koma Skyrocket Center in Tokyo. Surrounded by beautiful light and wind and the beauty of people who put on my work, I perceived a shining future. Hoping for the beautiful moment to last forever, I dyed marbling patterns following the demand of my life. Birds were joyful, the wind was telling about an everlasting time, and light and water were filled with joy and celebration of new life in everything. Today I was delighted to experience the beautiful time I had from my artworks that shook my soul.

Space is now filled with guidance. It shines brilliantly as the pleasant wind blows. I’m grateful for this time to be able to feel that living with beautiful life and hearts can contribute to building peace. Thank you very much.