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Messages from Keiko Koma
19th May. 2020

The light-scape of my life yesterday was in the middle of transformation. At the sight of a scene completely different from the usual, I felt that it was time to shed the old way of being. I went to sleep, contemplating that my life would end if I failed to do so. No matter how we take it, it is now an entirely different era, which humanity has never experienced. I know with my life that we cannot survive without being reborn. As my physical condition is changing, I truly wish to be reborn to become new. This morning I was deeply grateful that I could wake up alive. After we drove from Morioka to Yui-Kobo in Yamamoto-cho, I brewed coffee roasted by Master Idaki Shin. When I received messages from the coffee and drank it, my body changed at once. I even heard the sound of hard covering come off, and my body was relieved of pain. I experienced my center adjusting to the center of a world far beyond. The world we live in will change. The center will naturally change. Space where everything is unified has emerged. It is an era where new human beings can live, those who live in space where heaven, earth, and even the world far beyond are one. I’m sincerely grateful for the blessing of learning things from coffee. Thank you very much.