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Messages from Keiko Koma
15th May. 2020

May is my favorite month and I am spending every day, as if cherishing every single day. Yesterday afternoon, I took time to walk around by myself, which is usually impossible, and I felt happy about it. I felt lots of energy of life in the trees and just by walking, blown by the fresh wind, I felt excited, anticipating something that I will encounter in the future. Feeling that what I have been wishing for would happen in the future, strength welled up in me to live positively.
I came back to Tokyo, watching Mt. Fuji. Beautiful peony flowers were sent to my home. I decorated them right away, opened the window and let them be touched by the wind. They seemed to be very comfortable and it made me smile impulsively. Talking with flowers and talking while blown by the wind was what I have been doing since childhood. A wind from childhood was blowing when I was fascinated by the peony flowers and opened the window so that they could feel the wind. I feel gratitude, being able to live until now, always thinking seriously that life starts now. Still now, I feel that it starts now. I don’t remember when, but the peony flower that blooms in my birth month has become a flower that I use when I do something. I consider that now is the time to move to realize my feeling to create a good nation for the future generation through the “Keiko Koma Peony Club” activity. I will start anew, feeling the beautiful flower and with the newly born feeling. Thank you very much.