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Messages from Keiko Koma
14th May. 2020

Unlike yesterday, birds were not chirping at all this morning and it was a morning that was completely different from yesterday which began with the beautiful chirp and song of birds. Realizing that the life of nature is changing everyday, I thought about “life” and about “living.”
At the “Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered” concert held at our guesthouse, I see Master Idaki Shin’s sound that is generated moment by moment as a figure and I concentrate and devote my full attention to express it in an instant as a poem. I am astonished by how infinite information about life exists in a single tone and I feel that to express it in one word is always a challenge. It is a moment when I learn the most about life.
Today, I expressed it in a poem about Koguryo that was born form a single ray of light that was poured down in a deep forest. I was surprised and rejoiced that there was a sense in my life that I was able to feel the breath, wind and the atmosphere of the time of Koguryo. Even when an enemy invades from outside, I experienced with my life that life is saved and embraced by light when living in unity with life and that to live is to learn how to live with one life, no matter where or what may happen. I experienced from the improvisational music that every time a new expression is born, the world will change and that as the life of nature is always changing, humans should change moment by moment as we keep growing and that is what life is about. Embraced by the beautiful nature of May, talking with the beautiful voices of the birds, I held the “Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered” concert. Thank you very much.