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Messages from Keiko Koma
9th Jun. 2019

Perceiving the future, I see that it is time to head towards the world. I receive daily updates by email from my fellows visiting New York, and it feels like I am walking around the city with them. When people across the world acquire a way of life that would change the global dead-end situation with no way out, I envision that the world will become better at once. Modern people, however, have tended to become inhuman from growing selfish and greedy. For people to become awakened, I perceive the need for complete transformation of the space we live in and for a new world to open up where genuine humans can live. When the internality of each person, making up this world, turns beautiful, the surrounding environment becomes beautiful. Clearing myself inside and living with a beautiful internality is the start. Now that space is filled with the works of Great Being and light pours in from far beyond, we can build the future and change the world by living beautifully inside and receiving great guidance. As I keep thinking about Russia and New York, I understand that it is time to head towards the world. I am preparing for it. We live at a time unprecedented in human history. I will express and execute my innermost demand, coming from the future, to move towards an unknown world. There is no future in repeating patterns from the past—the answer is the future. Keeping the future in mind, I will continually express my deepest feeling born from my life every day to build a new path, a new world. Thank you very much.